stretch testI happen to have a bread addiction.  For a few years now I have toyed around with various bread recipes.  It is my objective to perfect as many of them as possible.  Nothing is off limits, miche, french baguettes, pizzas, croissants, bagels, naan bread bring it on.

To me, there is nothing more pleasant then the aroma of yeasty dough wafting through my house.  It brings me back to my childhood at my grandparent’s house. Honestly I know of few scents that can make me grin as much as that smell of fresh bread in the oven.  And then to break into that crackling exterior way before the bread has had time to cool down, just to see that cloud of steam escape from the fluffy interior, man that is as yummy as it gets.

I have come to realise that bread is very picky about the temperature in my home.  I can make the same recipe several times in a year, and never get the same result in terms of texture.  But recently I stumbled upon the BEST way to get the most successful light and airy dough with the perfect crunchy, but not rip of the roofof your mouth, crust. Its, really simple but makes a major difference in terms of proofing your dough and your final result. This may vary depending on your oven, but in my case I preheat it to 135F and then turn the heat off.  I then place my dough on the oven to proof.  That super simple step guarantees that my dough has the same cozy conditions every single time I bake.

doubled in volume ciabatta rolls before proofing after proofing