So as I said in part one, writting about it made me want to eat burgers which I did.

Here are a few crucial tips to keep in mind :

  • Keep all your equipment very cool to cold
  • Slice your meat into strips that will fit into the grinder and chill 30 minutes (helps with grinding and avoiding bacteria growth)
  • Grind all your strips on a low setting ( prevents the meat from heating up and you get a nicer texture)
  • If using more then one cut, try to alternate the strips
  • Chill your meat 30 minutes then grind once more (depending on your texture preference
  • After another 30 minutes in the fridge, form your patties
  • Let the patties set before cooking (once again a minimum of 30 minutes in the fridge
  • Anytime you place the meat in the fridge, wrap it well with cellophane to prevent oxydizing
  • Cuts of meat may be the same from one butcher or grocer to another, but the quality isn’t so shop around for the best. And check the expiration dates, just because the meat is red and juicy on the outside does not mean it’s that way on the inside.
  • Season your meat liberally with salt and pepper just before cooking, you won’t regret it.