Before my brother made the move to Vancouver we had gone to visit him at his old appartment in Montreal.  For lunch he brought us to this place nearby called Le Pick Up.  This incredible locale is a mix of a dépanneur and an old school diner.  It has a great ambiance and a vibe of the good old days when food was fresh and homemade the right way. They also offer  various classes such as making preserves which are right up my alley.

My brother told us that we absolutely should try one of their two pulled pork sandwiches ; either the veggie version or the orginal pork one.  Although I am a meat lover I went with the tofu switch up and was not disappointed.  Their tangy sweet sauce is so infused into the tofu that you would never know it was in there.  And their slaw is completely unique and satisfying.  I wish I could tell you what was in it…but I have no clue whatsoever.  All the veggies with sliced super thin, still very crisp and the mix of them was just right.  I could swear I tasted radish in there but I could be completely off base.  All I can say is go get one fast. My brother had me try a bite if his pork sandwich and was just as fantastic.

The sandwich was so big and satisfying I ended up only eating half of it.  Never a fan of wasting food I brought the other half home with me.  That night I had my boyfriend try it and ”forgot” to tell  him it was tofu.  He isn’t against tofu whatsoever, we have it often, but I wanted and honest carnivores opinion. He was hooked and wanted to eat another one a couple of days later.