Well first of all why not?  Sushi rice uses medium grain rice just as is used in risotto.  It may not be the arborio rice you are told has to be used in risotto but who cares? In my case I don’t, my sole purpose is to take the yummy left overs and recreate them into a brand new dish.  No matter how good a meal I make, if I have to eat it fives times in a week chances are I won’t appreciate it as much as the first time.

I tend to make generous portions of everything in my house because when André and I love something we look forward to eating it hopefully once more or at least eating a second helping.  Sometimes making extra works to my advantage and we gobble it up.  Other times my meal isn’t as much of a hit or I have made way too much and I go to work making a left over into a completely unrecognizable new meal.

A while back I proposed to a bunch of our friends to have a supperclub with a ”Make your Own Sushi” theme.  I took care of prepping all the veggies and protein and riceahead of time so that our station was ready at their arrival. I must have made rice for more than 20 people when we were 10 or 12 to actually participate.  It was loads of fun,  I had a list prepared of all the different rolls we could create with the various items we had available and everyone gave it a go.  Obviously there was a ridiculous amount of sushi rice left over and sushi rolls as well that everyone could bring home.  It was nothing like what you would get in a great restaurant but we had a good time and tried something new.  By the end of the evening the only issue I had was that there was enough sushi rice left over to make another 300 sushi pieces.  Having eaten our fair share of sushi and since many of the rolls had way too much rice because many of our friends hadn’t made any before, my boyfriend did not want to see or eat another piece of sushi.

The next day after having cleaned my kitchen and after finding rice everywhere (I don’t mind it’s always worth it to have a home filled with friends)  I decided to take all that rice and make arancini.  It isn’t hard to make I just added some parmesan and an egg, seasoned my rice and prepared my breading station.  I wanted some nice big arancini so I used my ice cream scoop and oil it up before filling it with rice to avoid a sticky mess.  Using a teaspoon I made a tiny whole in the center and filled it with cheese, tomato sauce, peppers and mushrooms.  Once out of the ice cream scoop I lined them on a baking sheet and chilled them in the fridge so they wouldn’t fall apart.  Then I took each one and rolled it in the flour, then the egg, then the breadcrumbs and fried them slowly until golden brown all over.  Served it with a nice tangy tomato sauce and I had an almost complete meal.  From Japan to Italy in a few minutes and a few ingredients.

They were lovely, crunchy and salty but creamy in the center. Thanks to this makeover I managed not to waste any rice and we had a new meal for the week.