IMG_7277 Recently I watched an episode of The Best Thing I Ever Made on the Food Network Channel. The episode was dedicated to updating classics and when I saw Aarti Sequeira’s intro I knew it was for me.  She made lasagna cupcakes, which she had seen elsewhere as well and decided to give a try.

So after watching the episode I decided it was my turn.  I love finding new ways of simplifying entertaining while having the food look spectacular and I truly feel her recipe offers both.  I chose to use her method of making the cupcakes but made them my own by using my mom’s spaghetti sauce recipe which is always in my lasagna as well as the ricotta mix that I make with it.

It just so happened that my grocery store did not have wonton wrappers on hand so I used egg roll wrappers instead. I made some in a muffin pan and made the others in a mini loaf pan (mine offers 8 loaves in the pan) After making them there are a few tweaks I would do.  So here is how I will make them in the future;

For the assembly in both cases;

  • Preheat your oven to 375F
  • Start by spraying the tray with oil or cooking spray.
  • Lay down a pasta sheet
  • Add some sauce of your choice ( I used a spaghetti meat sauce and also tried with a plain tomato sauce, both were great)
  • Add your ricotta mix ( I mix one egg with a container of ricotta, salt and pepper and chives, you could switch it up for any creamy cheese)
  •  Sprinkle with shredded mozzarella (or any other melting cheese)
  • Repeat the layers to your desired height

When it comes to the muffin pan I suggest sticking to the wonton wrappers, the egg roll wrappers are far too large and you can’t get as many layers of lasagna because of it.  The egg roll wrappers do however make for a beautiful flower type presentation. So if you chose to go with it I suggest using it only for the first layer and then switching to the wonton wrappers.  If using the muffin tin with the wonton wrappers.  Bake for 20 minutes, then cool inside the tray for 10.

If you are planning to use the mini loaf pan the egg roll wrappers are the way to go.  For the first layer one sheet of egg roll wrapper is perfect to line the bottom.  For the following layers I cut each sheet in half and use one piece per layer.  (My pan was able to make a 5 layer lasagna.  In the case of the egg roll wrapper, I bake it for 30 minutes and cool 10.

Whatever your pan of choice and your sauces and cheeses of choice, this method offers a beautiful easy to eat result.  They are great for reheating, in the oven place them on a cooling rack so that the bottom can get nice and crunchy.  They microwave great as well but won’t be as crisp.