Breakfast SandwichIf your neighbourhood is anything like mine, there is a breakfast joint on every corner.  Most of them are food chains everyone knows and go to all the time because most of those people are stuck in a rut of only going to restaurants they know.  If you were to look closely however there are plenty of hidden gems on those same corners.  Restaurants where the service is quicker because there is no ridiculous line up.  Restaurants where the food is just as good if not better than the chains.  Where for the same exact meal you might save a buck or two because they aren’t as greedy as those chains.  Restaurants where you can actually hear yourself think because there isn’t a full house of young wannabees eating out after a night of partying.  The best part is, the staff in these restaurants will try just a little harder because they want to keep your business.

Adamo restaurant in Candiac is one of those breakfast gems.  Going out to breakfast is a way for my mother, sister and I to catch up and goof off.  We all love to go out and sit down with a good cup of coffee and chat.  After so many years of going out together we have basically tried every breakfast place in our area.

Adamo hasn’t been around long but it has quickly become our “coup de coeur”.  The service is friendly and quick, the kitchen actually takes the time to give you a beautifully presented breakfast.  It isn’t ridiculously noisy that you have to talk loudly over the chatter and cause a viciously annoying cycle.  The food is reasonably priced and less expensive than the large breakfast places.

My sister happens to be eggs benedict obsessed & she has tried it at every restaurant near our place.  She really enjoyed the eggs benedict at Adamo’s, the hollandaise was the right consistency and generously smothered over the eggs.  Her eggs were cooked perfectly to her specifications and her breakfast cost her a few bucks less than the other restaurants around our place. What more can you ask for?

Well, in my book one last thing….a clean reasonably sized restroom.  I have a big issue with restaurants that have a dirty, poorly maintained washroom.  Just as importantly I hate when a very large very busy restaurant has the tiniest restroom with too few stalls to accommodate their clientele. I take it as a major disrespect towards the paying customers( I may be getting overly upset because one of the most popular breakfast places with the largest seating capacities in the area has only two stalls and they can’t be bothered to keep both functioning)   Adamo’s has refreshingly clean restrooms and has sufficient stalls for their clientele….and that little fact did it for me.Eggs, Potatoes, Sausage, Fresh Fruit