• 2 eggs
  • 200 grams flour
  • 1 boursin cheese

For christmas my boyfriend bought me ravioli molds that I had been eyeing since that summer.  During the holiday season I had made many cheese platters for friends and family and had loads of leftover cheeses in the house after their departure.  Although I love cheese I could not handle eating bread and cheese daily for a week so I got to work using them up in various ways, anything from pizza to polenta.  I had some fantastic garlic  boursin left over and since I was anxious to use my ravioli molds, cheese and garlic ravioli were born.

They were beyond yummy, we chose to pair them with a fresh and simple tomato sauce.  Honestly this is the way to go, a simple tomato sauce is the perfect way to offset the tangy creamy cheese.  The contrast between the sauce and ravioli really enhances the cheese.


How to make the dough:

This is available in my previous blog  Make your own pasta dough

How to make the ravioli:

If you have a ravioli mold dust it gently with flour (it will help prevent the dough from staying stuck in the mold).  Lay your pasta sheet onto the mold with the dough hanging over the edges by at least one cm, slice the balance of the sheet off with a pizza cutter.  Fill each hole with your cheese, make sure to press it into the holes and to have the cheese be no more then level with the mold. (If you over fill, the ravioli will burst when you seal them.)  Take a second pasta sheet and lay it over the filling. Press the sheets firmly with your fingers to help both sheets stick together.  Using a rolling pin press firmly all over.

Tap the ravioli out of the molds.

If you do not have a ravioli mold, you can make them  by hand with a pizza cutter.
My recipe makes 20 jumbo ravioli and you will have left over pasta dough to make some extra pasta of your liking.

How to cook:

Place the ravioli in boiling salted water for 4 to 5 minutes.  Serve with your favorite tomato sauce and a few fresh basil leaves.  You can also freeze them raw for use at a later time.  Three of these ravioli per person make for a perfect indulgent appetizer.


DSC_0069 DSC_0073