I’m always on the lookout to make new creative recipes and especially so when it comes to my boyfriends breakfasts. I absolutely love the taste and texture of a croque monsieur. The paper thin slices of Jambon de Paris which tastes a bit like cloves to me. That rich and thick bechamel with it’s hint of nutmeg. Gruyere cheese which is super creamy and doen’t seem to want to melt…it’s just heaven in a dish.
No matter how amazingly perfect a breakfast it may be, it’s not so perfect for carrying to work and eating it there. A thin crepe seemed like the solution to my problem, wrapping it up in a burrito shape keeps everything in and gives a lovely visual appeal when you slice through it.

There are a few things to keep in mind:

  • You need to layer the ingredient in the right order. If you slather the bechamel directly onto the crepe, it will end up seeping into and through your crepe creating a soggy mess. The best way I find of layering the crepe, is to start with the ham, which will create a natural barrier between your crepe and bechamel. Then you can go ahead and add your grated cheese and bechamel in the center and roll it up neatly.
  • There are loads of similar textures in the crepe which are creamy and thick, so I like to add a few chives to give it a nice contrast of texture in the filling. I also like to toast the crepe a tiny bit to get a crispy exterior which balances well with the creamy interior.

This IS a very rich and heavy breakfast but ohh so decadent and ideal for cold winter days.