I must confess… I am addicted to food in every way. I  often go to bed thinking about food. While having lunch with my boyfriend, I will already be planning what to make for supper.  My holiday menu has been planned since February. Food has become an obsession but one I am not willing to give up.  Being the hard-headed Italian that I am, if I see a cooking challenge, I have to give it a try until I succeed.  That goes for anything from making my own mozzarella, to making sticky rice in lotus leaves.

Looking back there are three major influences in my life that have fueled my passion for food: My Italian grandfather, my first job, and the foodnetwork.  As a child, I got to hang out on my grandparents farm. I’d see my nonno make cheese from fresh cows milk, make his own sausage, batches of tomato sauce from scratch, and of course his own wine.
As a teen my first job was in an Asian restaurant.  Working in that restaurant opened up a new culinary experience to me. The Chan family encouraged me to try many new foods,  everything from tripe (the lining of a cows stomach), chickens feet, peking duck, and tofu. Today my fridge and cupboards contain so many Asian ingredients that I often consider myself half Italian and half Asian.

I developed an interest in cooking in my late teens when we got the foodnetwork channel. The TV was, and still is almost always, tuned to that channel. Every time I see something on TV, I either want to make it or I get inspired by it.  And because of this, my boyfriend has also become a food lover. We often bounce ideas off each other, have the same cravings, and have conversations about how to make recipes better.

I love food and it’s not going to change any time soon.  I think I’ll go bake some cookies now…